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With Gloster, your doors will open to allow exploration of beautiful exteriors, where you can let your furniture set the mood. You're taking the long view with Gloster, where the best materials and techniques will help you enjoy the outdoor experience, for many years of special outdoor moments.

In 1960, a group of passionate entrepreneurs and furniture makers took the first steps in what turned out to be a long journey, starting in West Africa. In the first decade, increased demand and the need for plantation grown teak led them to Indonesia. Gloster still believes in passion, conviction, and pride in quality workmanship and materials. They truly believe in their designs and that they build the world's finest! 

Outdoor hardwood furniture dates back more than 700 years! Every piece of Gloster Furniture's teak is carefully crafted from eco-friendly plantations, with routine quality inspections starting with the trees themselves. The hardwood teak used at Gloster has a close grain and a high natural oil content that has an exceptionally long life, is highly resistant to rotting, and nearly impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost, and snow.

Teak Furniture By Gloster from the Ventura Collection makes a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space

Teak Outdoor Furniture from Gloster

Teak is indigenous to just four countries in the world: Burma, Laos, Thailand and India. However, due to excessive, unsustainable logging over the past century, natural teak forests have practically disappeared in all of these countries except for Burma. Fortunately for the world, teak continues to flourish in plantations throughout South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is from the well-managed, Indonesian plantations of stateowned Perum Perhutani, on the island of East Java, that Gloster sources their teak.

Gloster is assured of long term sourcing of top quality teak with a team of 22 wood grading specialists that travel among 30 various plantations comprising over 1.1 million hectares of teak trees located across the island of Java where they select only the most ideal logs for Gloster production. These graders choose among the logs and select only those logs with the fewest natural defects, and this helps ensure that the factories will maximize the yield. The typical Gloster teak is from 35 to 50 year old trees, whereas other manufacturers produce some inferior product by rushing the process, using trees just 10 years old which have less naturally developed oils, lower density, and are generally of lower quality.

What's Behind Gloster Outdoor Furniture

Skills & loyalty: Gloster and fine craftsmanship go hand in hand. Their furniture is not the result of random mass production. Human hands have created every rounded corner and every joint, and the quality of the furniture is the result of employees’ knowledge and skills. All of the craftsmen in the factories are proud of their ability to process wood and upholstery. They are craftsmen to their fingertips, and have worked with their trade for years – exclusively for Gloster.

Transparency & honesty: Gloster’s production of teak is characterized by their approach. They understand the resources and know the wood. They only harvest what they have planted, and every tree that is felled was placed in the soil by one of the Gloster plantation’s workers. A Gloster teak tree has a lifecycle of at least 50 years and their wood can always be traced back to its origin. They believe that customers must be able to trust them, so they treat the world, its resources and its people with respect.


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