Treasure Garden Commercial Collection

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Generally 4 - 6 Weeks
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Warranty/Guarantee Treasure Garden items are designed for residential use and are not warranted for commercial applications (unless specified for Commercial use). LIMITED WARRANTY (Frames and Accessories): One (1) year AG Cantilever styles Push Button Tilt styles Quad Pulley Lift – UM8091 style Umbrella Lights Umbrella Bases & Accessories Protective Furniture Covers Outdoor Rug styles Two (2) years AKZ/AKZ PLUS Cantilever styles Shanghai Collar Tilt – USA459 style Starlight Collar Tilt – UM800_SL style Collar Tilt – UM80_ _ series Auto Tilt – UM81_ _ series Auto Tilt – UM8810RT style Crank Lift – UM8811RT style Three (3) years Commercial styles – UCP4_ _ series Stardust styles – UCP410-_ _ series Limited Warranty Includes: Frame, ribs, finial, tilt, cord, crank handle, housing, canopy and rib pocket seams. If a defect in the original material or workmanship appears during the warranty period on any Treasure Garden product; Treasure Garden, at its option, will repair or replace the product without charge. Authorized Retailer: Requests for returns must be FAXED in to (888) 821-8868 Attn.: Customer Service or contact a Customer Service Rep. LIMITED WARRANTY Fabric (Furniture Grade): The following fabric lines have a limited warranty against fading for: 5 years - Sunbrella® /Outdura® /Bella-Dura® /Docril ® 4 years - O’bravia® The Limited Warranty only applies to TG product purchased directly from Treasure Garden, Inc. and its affiliates, or an authorized TG retail Dealer, as defined in our Terms and Conditions; the Limited Warranty is not transferable. Should the Purchaser or Owner sell the TG product to another party, the warranty will not transfer to the new owner.