Five Key Elements for Furnishing Outdoor Living Spaces

Apr 17th 2019

Five Key Elements for Furnishing Outdoor Living Spaces

The Must-Haves for Luxury Atlanta Home Patio Furnishings

Creating functional outdoor living spaces is a long-held southern tradition. Whether you are furnishing a porch, patio, balcony, or poolside there are always five key elements to creating a cozy and functional entertainment space. These key elements can transform your picnic table-style outdoor living experience into a luxurious outdoor environment with comfortable seating and areas to entertain and gather for years to come.

The first element to creating your outdoor living space is seating. Choosing seating is very important, as it is the element that most determines how welcoming and functional your outdoor living space will be. In recent years, deep seating with cushions has become the go-to for creating a comfortable, inviting outdoor living space.

More specifically, sectional sofas are very popular for outdoor living spaces that have enough room to accommodate a large seating arrangement. Traditional sofas or love seats are a great option if you are working with space-restricted areas, but you still will want to look for one that achieves the deep comfort seating feel.

Another part of choosing seating is deciding which frame material is used in your seating and tables. Synthetic wicker is a very popular option right now and between the low maintenance needs and durability of the material, we are big fans as well. Kitty Lovett from Rocky Mountain Patio Furniture says, “Comfort deep seating sets and sectionals made of synthetic wicker are our most popular sellers. This represents the overall transition to comfortable, luxurious outdoor living spaces from your standard outdoor dining table with four chairs.”

Modular seating arrangements and wicker materials are among today’s most popular settings.

Tables are the next element needed to put your outdoor space together. Coffee tables and side tables can compliment your seating pieces and increase the functionality of the space by providing a place for food and drinks. We believe that it is best to have at least a coffee table and one side table in your outdoor seating space. These two tables need to work with the seating that you have chosen to complete the space. Often times seating collections have been designed with tables included in the collection. When this is the case the tables are often made of the same material as the seating frame.

While keeping the base of tables the same to match your collection is customary, pay close attention to the table top. Most tables are going to have either a metal or wood table top. These two materials are best for holding up with heavy use and liquid that could be spilled on the table. Glass table tops can be used as well. However, these are vulnerable to outdoor elements that could damage glass easier than wood or metal.

Heat is the third element that we think helps make your outdoor living space complete. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces add an element of ambiance and warmth for outdoor living. They can be incorporated as a center point into your seating area that includes a deep seating sectional or sofa set. We are also big fans of having a conversation area that is separate from your outdoor living room space and a heat element is a great way to create a conversation area. Placing individual chairs around the fire pit or fireplace creates a relaxing conversation area.

We recommend a fire pit that has a table top around it for a great way to incorporate a place for food and drinks to be enjoyed with your conversations around the fire. Brown Jordan’s outdoor fire tables are a great example of heat elements for a conversation area.

From modern to traditional to coastal, there is a fire pit option for every style preference.

If you’ve been in the South for any time at all in the Summer, you know that shade is key. Having shade for your outdoor living space maximizes comfort in the space and makes the warm months bearable for entertaining outdoors. Some outdoor living spaces are built with a roof overhang for cover, but uncovered areas require some other type of shade.

One great form of shade for your outdoor living space is a cantilever umbrella. This umbrella is not your traditional outdoor dining table umbrella but is designed to hover over an outdoor area and provide a larger area of shade. With many different colors and design options, you can choose an umbrella that matches the design of your outdoor area. Shapes can be round, rectangular, or square and it is now easier than ever to find the right cantilever umbrella that fits the space you are trying to shade. Treasure Garden is a good source for custom designed umbrellas for your space.

Cantilever umbrellas are excellent for shading seating areas.

Late nights under the stars in your outdoor space can be enhanced with outdoor lighting. Lighting is our next element and adds mood and ambiance to an outdoor living space. While there are many types of outdoor lighting, we want to focus on lighting sources that don’t have to be hard wired in to your space. One option for this is a patio lamp. Lamps! Per Se’ has a selection of outdoor lamps designed to withstand the outdoor elements and provide style while illuminating your space.

Another way to light your space is with umbrella lighting. If you have an umbrella as shade over your space, you can use battery powered lighting features that attach to the umbrella. These light features are great if you do not need large amounts of light and would like a more concentrated mood lighting. Treasure Garden provides a couple great options of these lighting features that can be attached to there umbrellas.

Electric and solar lighting options create ambiance in your outdoor living space.

Finally, once you have your outdoor living space set up with our first four elements, you get to add your personal touches. Personalizing your space is our last element to creating a luxury outdoor living space because we believe that this space is an extension of your home. These personal touches can include accent pillows, rugs, plants and decorative potting, outdoor art designs, and anything else that makes the space feel like home.

Accessorizing the space to your comfort is key in this process. These personalized elements are what make the space feel like yours and allow you to entertain comfortably. For great design ideas and examples of how to make your space feel like home, check out Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle Magazine’s outdoor room collection.

To explore patio furnishing options, visit Rocky Mountain Patio Furniture where you can browse collections or connect with a product specialist.