Brown Jordan Urth Fire Bowl BJF-1-UTH

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Brown Jordan URTH Fire Bowl - BJF-1-UTH

Brown Jordan Urth Fire Bowl BJF-1-UTHDimensions

Urth’s sunken flame sits below the lip of the firebowl and is cradled by a built-in shelf which also serves to support the included lava rock. At 33.5 (850mm) in diameter, Urth is light enough to be easily repositioned as needed. For ultimate flexibility, residential and commercial users alike gravitate towards our bioethanol or propane fuel options because neither require hard utility connections. This makes them incredibly simple to relocate as needed.

Accessories included with your Urth purchase:  Decorative Lava Rock
If you select a bioethanol fuel type, you will also receive:

  • 1.25 Gallon Jerry Can
  • Lighter
  • Lighting Rod
  • Butane