Barbecue Gas Grills

We feature the finest barbeque gas grills from Fire Magic and Saber.  Come in or contact us today to learn all about our Patio & Outdoor Furniture and grill shop and how you can get the taste of the top restaurants in your outdoor cooking.  To get the tenderness and juiciness of a well prepared cut of meat, you should start with the right grill.  Take your outdoor gas BBQ grilling to a new level! Don't settle for cheap gas grills that don't do the job ... we'll get you an amazing grill at an equally amazing price.

The myth of charcoal flavor.  Charcoal itself typically has no flavor of its own (unless specialized with particular, expensive wood chips or processes).  To prove this, light a charcoal fire, and after 20 minutes, simply (and carefully) wave your hand over it, bringing the 'charcoal flavor/aroma' to your nose.  Chances are, you'll smell nothing, unless the lighter fluid is still burning off.  If there is no scent to the burning charcoal, it will add no flavor to whatever you're preparing.  It's the drippings, the grease and juices that drip from the meat onto a hot surface (whether it is charcoal embers, lava rock, an infrared burner or other hot surface) that results in the wonderful outdoor, cooked-over-a-fire flavor, historically (and incorrectly) know as charcoal flavor.  Wouldn't you rather have a grill ready to cook in a few minutes (verses 30 minutes with charcoal) and one where you can control the heat with a turn of a dial/control knob (verses either no control or limited control opening and closing dangerously hot air intake vents down below the grilling surface)?  The advantages have just started.  Learn more about the variety we offer.