Tropitone Spectrum 43" Round Gas Firepit Table

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Tropitone's® Spectrum Firepit Coffee Tables encourage visiting, well into the evening, and longer into the fall. The Spectrum Collection of all-aluminum tables feature attractive slotted cut designs that accommodate every table need, and with this firepit option, Tropitone has all your bases warmly covered!   The base is a solid, stable platform, and the removable firepit lid adds to the versatility.  This piece, with a height of just under 25 is perfectly suited for dual functionality, becoming a coffee / conversation table, or a warm firepit.  Either use, it seamlessly blends with any style of seating – from Classic Traditional to versatile Transitional, and even with today’s Contemporary settings. Complete the entire look for any fireside setting with fire media ... fire-glass that enhances the ambiance by reflecting the flame's light, creating a unique statement for each home, club, or hotel, and whether the firepit is lit or not, the fire-glass adds a decorative touch.  When not in use, you may opt to use the round firepit cover to create more useful table space.

Nothing can compare to entertaining around an open fire. Now Tropitone® elevates table-top cooking and entertaining to a fine outdoor art, with best-in-class performance.   Gas firepit tables are shipped with the burner system and controls pre-assembled to the table top, set up for propane gas.  Tropitone® Firepits are beautiful, functional and coordinate with our current product offering, most importantly, safety was designed into each model, including the safety pilot and thermocouple system. The Burner System produces a wide range of heat output peaking at 90,000 Btu's. This range of output provides the user with versatility for variations in outdoor temperature and activities.

Item Width Depth Height
801486FP Firepit Base 24" 24" 24.5"
Round Table Top 43" 43" 1.5"
  • Spectrum 43 Round Firepit/Table with Media Cover
  • Residential Limited Warranty: 15 Years
  • Commercial Use Limited Warranty: 5 Year

More Information:

  • For Outdoor Use only
  • Do not install or use under any type of ceiling, roof or overhang
  • May be installed on a deck, slab, or on the ground, etc.
  • Install only in areas with at least 60 clearance to combustibles (measured from the center of the firepit in all horizontal directions)
  • Equipped for use with a twenty pound Propane cylinder (like a gas grill uses)
  • Conversion Kit for use with Natural Gas is included
  • Any alterations to the gas fittings is to be performed only by a qualified gas supply & appliance professional
  • Operate with extreme care
  • Follow all instructions that are included with the firepit

The life and enjoyment of your outdoor furniture and accessories can be greatly increased if you use protective covers when not in use (in the case of firepits, AFTER cooling adequately).